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“There, in the stars, lies mankind’s entry into the long-awaited Age of Reason, when our species sheds at last the cultural residue of the beast.” — Lyndon LaRouche

     Consider again, as John F. Kennedy did at Rice University, the entire history of the human race as a single process of development. What a marvelous demonstration mankind is, of the creative power of the universe! Every limitation we encounter, we overleap, as no other known species can. Where lies the United States, and New Jersey, today, within that arc of human development?

     That depends on what we do. We can choose, as Americans, to act in devotion to our great founding principle, that every human individual can contribute to the progress of civilization — regardless of our “rank” in society. We can choose a future in which all nations cooperate for the benefit of our species — regardless of past hostility. If we choose that future, we must choose to go to the Moon and Mars. We must choose, as John Kennedy did, to bring the entire species forward.

     President Trump’s Artemis Program points the way, but it must be expanded. Let us build a lunar laboratory, with all nations combining in pursuit of scientific knowledge! Let us build fusion-powered rockets, so that we can colonize Mars! Let us build a hope, that the universe is mankind’s to explore!

     This future, our nation dearly requires.

Daniel Burke

LaRouche Candidate for US Senate in NJ, 2020

July 8 Town Hall Meeting:
What, to a Creative Mind, is the Fourth of July?

June 3 Town Hall Meeting:
Where do we go from here?


July 20, 2019 Campaign Announcement 


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