02/28/20 Trump Rally in Wildwood

02/28/20 Trump Rally in Wildwood

Stop the Coup, Colonize Mars, For All Mankind


“...[T]his is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism and action.”
— President Trump, in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 21, 2020


There is no more important choice of national mission than the colonization of Mars over the coming thirty to forty years.

This mission can reverse the fifty-year economic and cultural decline imposed by Malthusian globalists upon the United States. This mission can serve as common purpose for the perfectly sovereign nations of the world.

President Trump has set us on this pathway by establishing NASA’s Artemis Program, which will send astronauts around the Moon by 2022 and land them on its surface in 2024, with plans to continue manned missions to Mars soon thereafter, launched from lunar orbit. China, Russia, India, Japan, the European Space Agency, and the UAE all have active or future missions to Mars. We are in the midst of mankind’s willful evolution into a spacefaring species — a new Columbus Age.

But that future, and the scientific and technological breakthroughs that it promises, will not come to pass if we fail to defeat the speculators, warmongers, and spymasters who seek to remove President Trump and sow division amongst the world’s great powers.
I call on you to join me in endorsing Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s January 3rd call for an emergency peace summit between Presidents Trump, Putin, and Xi — an opportunity to define our common purposes, and to prevent regional war in Southwest Asia from going worldwide. On January 15th, President Putin made a similar proposal, since reiterated at the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, for a major summit between the five UNSC nations (USA, Russia, China, U.K., and France), intended to initiate “measures to remove the prerequisites for a global war.”

President Trump’s historic trade deal with China is a clear sign of the potential of the future. The hatred and fear of Russia and China pushed by the British House of Lords, Democrats, and Neocons —including the President’s own Secretary of State— must be rejected, in favor of an optimistic vision of mutual benefit.

The mission of mankind to explore the Creator’s universe is too precious for us to risk our extinction any longer.


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