Daniel Burke for US Senate Youth Town Hall with Megan Beets and Jose Vega of LaRouchePAC

Daniel Burke for US Senate Youth Town Hall with Megan Beets and Jose Vega of LaRouchePAC


"Where Do We Go From Here?"

Wednesday, 6/3 at 7PM EDT

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Dear American youth,

The crisis has not subsided -- it has grown. We have reached the limits of this collapsing system.

While Wall Street receives over $5 Trillion in bail-outs, 50 million Americans find themselves unemployed or underemployed. Over 100,000 of our citizens have died from the COVID-19 virus, many because of unconscionable conditions in nursing homes. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo persists in the vile program of British geopolitics, driving the US and China in the direction of all-out war.

Those who wish to peacefully demonstrate against the unjust killing of black Americans are faced both with the continuing rampage of the coronavirus, and an organized gang of provocateurs intent on converting Americans' indignation into violent and destructive rage.

Where do we go from here? 

Only optimism, in the original sense as defined by Gottfried Leibniz, can defeat pessimism. This universe is moral, it is beautiful, it is just -- and if humanity acts in accordance with natural law, we will see the fruits of justice. Today that means we must consider the problems within our nation as an expression of the global crisis now unfolding. Without leadership to defeat the pandemic and rebuild the world economy, the World Health Programme warns that we may come to the point that 300,000 people will die every single day from hunger.

Each of those deaths would be as unjust as the death of George Floyd. We cannot sit by while the populations of the impoverished nations of the world are crushed. In fact, it is precisely our devotion to defending their lives and every life now targeted, that will best motivate the recreation of our own real US economy.

The physical requirements of defeating the pandemic worldwide, and eliminating the poverty and backwardness which made it so dangerous -- these are so humongous that they demand the US return to its leading role in high-tech industrial production. Take the cities of Minneapolis, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Trenton -- revive them as centers of production, capable of sending out machine tools, high-speed trains, and advanced power plants all across the United States AND the world. Create for our nation a future to believe in.


Take the successful launch by NASA and SpaceX of American astronauts from American soil as an inspiration to put millions of American youth to work on the most advanced sector of manufacturing, space science. This is the proposal of the LaRouche movement, given powerful voice by Jose Vega, 21 years old, in his recently produced video on building a launch site in Morrisania, South Bronx, the poorest Congressional district.

This is the pathway, lit for us by the work of Americans like Alexander Hamilton, Gouverneur Morris, John Kennedy, and Lyndon LaRouche, for the United States to return to the natural law of human progress. Join us to discuss these policies and cause them to be adopted.

Daniel Burke,
LaRouche Independent for US Senate, NJ


June 03, 2020 at 7pm - 9pm
It's on Zoom -- RSVP for the details!

Will you come?

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