Daniel Burke for US Senate Town Hall Meeting June 24

Daniel Burke for US Senate Town Hall Meeting June 24


Trust the Youth Generation to Become Geniuses!

Wednesday, 6/24 at 7PM EDT

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Dear friends and supporters,

The chief sign of cynicism among Americans is the widespread belief that the youth generation is hopelessly degenerate. But it was out of a period of moral and economic collapse that the Italian Renaissance emerged -- led by young people!

As a college student in the 1420s, Nicholas of Cusa rummaged in the sub-basements of libraries for forgotten copies of Plato's dialogues. Only a few years later, he would lead an expedition of more than a hundred to Constantinople, returning with the world's leading scholar of Plato, who soon began public classes on Plato in the piazzas of Florence, where modern science was founded.
It's widely known that the average age in NASA's Mission Control during the Apollo program was 26 years old. What projects are next for our youth, given the great tasks that lie before civilization?

Across the world, the LaRouche movement is catalyzing a movement of youth who demand that they be treated as potential geniuses -- because they have gained confidence that every human individual has that god-given capability inborn! And from that discovery derives the uncompromising passion to lift up every single child in this world from poverty.
My campaign is designed to provide a platform for youth across New Jersey and the country to take meaningful action to fulfill that passion. Let's act now, while we can, to rescue the country from total social and economic breakdown -- and thereby create a beautiful future for mankind.

Daniel Burke,
LaRouche Independent for US Senate, NJ


June 24, 2020 at 7pm - 9pm
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