What is the Meaning of 2020 in Universal History?

Wednesday, 7/22 at 7PM EDT

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Dear friends and supporters,

Last week we had a remarkable broadcast with Diane Sare, candidate for US Senate, NY, and William Binney, the former NSA Technical Director. It has led to an international press conference to be hosted Thursday morning, at which Mr. Binney will make his case to the world: there was NEVER a Russian hack of the DNC!

In our discussion, Mr. Binney gave his opinion that we're in a situation as bad as the American Civil War -- that the question is posed, whether it is possible to have government "of, by, and for the people." How long has the United States been under the thrall of the "secret government" and their British intelligence stewards? What would it mean, to defeat them, and return to the practice of a genuine republic?

Discussing exactly these kinds of victories, Friedrich Schiller, the "Poet of Freedom," said, "A path toward immortality has been opened up to every achievement, to the true immortality, I mean, where the deed lives and rushes onward, even if the name of the author should remain behind."
Join me to conspire on how this crucial achievement, the revival of our republic, can be achieved!

Daniel Burke,
LaRouche Independent for US Senate, NJ


July 22, 2020 at 7pm - 9pm
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